I got a new kitten, who is awesome. He is a polydactyly cat so he has 7 toes on his front paws and 7 toes on his back paws. The name I gave him isn’t that original, but it fits.  Everyone, meet my cat Seven.

A Day At the Fair

So I went to the fair this summer…but when we got there the full pass for the rides was too expensive.  But instead of being upset I just took pictures. 😀

Bad Hair Day

The other day I was having a bad hair day. If you are a girl then you know what I am talking about. It was just one of those days where I tried everything. I put it up in a bun, in a ponytail, leaving it down, and throwing a headband on but nothing seemed to work. After a few minutes of disapointment I decided to give up on my hair. But then the little wheels in my head satarted to turn around. I looked down at the table, and what do I see? My camera sitting there waiting to be used. I decided to just embrace my bad hair day and make a portrait out of it. I think I turned my bad hair day around. 🙂

Here Comes The Sun

So for a while now there has been a weed growing in my backyard. At first I was going to pull it, but I just haven’t felt like going out in the hot sun and yanking it out of the ground.Then one day this lovely sunflower bloomed. Now I don’t wanna pull it out.

Look Dragonfly…Now stay Still

So a few weeks ago I went out fishing with some friends. We were out in the boat, just relaxing that day. It was just like any typical fishing trip, just sitting in your boat, pole in the water, peak of the day, hot as heck, and no bites. I looked down at my shoe and saw this little dragonfly sitting on my shoe. I thought to myself, “Hey, now theres a good shot….now don’t move you!” Thankfully the dragonfly sat there long enough for me to get the shot. If it wasn’t for the shaking boat I might have gotten a closer shot.