This is another cat I know named Bear. He was walking around the backyard, well, just being a cat and he found this mouse that he started stalking so I follwed him around. This shot was just before he crouched down and attacked.


Heres another shot of Bear about ready to head inside after a long day of mouse hunting. I love how the sun shinning down on the cat was captured on film.


I found this picture hiding in my computer. I don’t know how long it has been there but I am glad that I found it. I do remember taking this picture though. I  saw the roses coming out of the ground through the snow and just loved the sight of it. Ofcourse the picture doesn’t do what I saw any justice, but you get the idea.

Hello Again

Well, it’s morning and the moon is still out. But like the cat I have it like to hide from me also. Whether it’s hiding or not, the moon is still a magical thing.

You can also find this picture on my other site at Don’t worry I would never post any spam or lead you to a virus or anything. But on my other site I have some more pictures there, some that are even better then the ones I have here on this site.  So if you’re interested take some time and take a peek…pretty please.

Smile at the Camera

   I walked outside this morning to greet the brand new day and I see a little bird sitting on the fence. I run back inside to get my camera and hoping the bird didn’t fly away yet.

Next it was: Camera on, zoom in, and cross fingers. Once I was all zoomed in and as focused as I was gonna get, the next step was to get the bird to smile at the camera. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of the bird looking at me, but its head is turned halfway so it’s good enough. 🙂

Three Kittens in a Box

Aww so cute! Who doesn’t like little itty bitty kitties sleeping? They no longer live with me though, it was time to give them away awhile ago 😦  The one in the far left is either the kitten I kept Seven or Blackie. The one in the middle is Rollie and the one on the right is TR (tiny runt).

It’s an Alien…No wait it’s just a cat

It’s not the best picture ever, but it looked creepy and cool so I’m posting it anyway. :p

If you’re interested…

Well if you are interested, below is a link to my other website. There are more of my pictures there so fell free to check them out…pretty please 🙂



Ah, the moon in all it majestic glory. The moon is just a a big piece of rock that orbits us, and yet it too is always changing. Sometimes it’s full, sometimes its empty, and sometimes it’s inbetween. Somedays it’s bright silver, and somedays it’s orange or red.

Sunset Time

Now it’s time for the typical sunset pictures.

I love the colors that appear when the sun it setting.  It’s like a transition into a new day, even though it’s turning to night. This shot was the first few minutes as the sun went behind the mountain.

Here, the sun is just about gone as the blue sky of the night starts to take over.

And what good is a sunset picture without the good old silluette shot.

Isn’t it amazing how the colors in the sky can change in just a short period of time?


Well, my little kitten Seven is at it again, only this time he wanted to play hide and seek. He is a very…energetic little cat and likes to play a lot. He especially likes to try and climb your leg. Anyway, back to the picture…

I pulled out my camera and Seven decided he was going to be camera shy. Whenever I pointed it he would take off running. Finslly after a few minutes of chasing him, I caught him hiding in the grass. He looks surprised.